Brooklyn, NY  |  EA

Posted on : 04/08/2019

Shes very accurate , talented , and most importantly she has a great heart . She’ll guide you in the right direction . 

Miami, FL  |  Kristina

Posted on : 04/08/2019

She helped me a lot!! She is accurate and is very real. I did not have to explain too much and she already knew the situation and described the people I talked about. Predictions have come true! Thank you sooo much! Many Blessings 

Fort Worth, TX  |  Warren

Posted on : 04/07/2019

Just Talk To Her Today She Could Tell By The Vibration In My Voice Something Was Wrong She Gave Me The Answer I Was Looking For Will Be Speaking To Her Again

Addison, IL  |  See is great

Posted on : 04/06/2019

Don’t know what I It would do without her great advice . 

Stone Park, IL  |  Irma

Posted on : 03/31/2019

I didn’t have to say anything and she is awesome and said everything I needed to hear. Glad I came, I will be back for sure! 

Bensenville, IL  |  Michael

Posted on : 03/27/2019

Very accurate, very good. Am definitely coming back for more sessions. Highly recommend. 

West Chicago, IL  |  Alex

Posted on : 03/15/2019

She is legit she read my cards and told me things I didn’t expect to hear she is amazing must see her 

Oak Lawn, IL  |  Alexandra

Posted on : 02/16/2019

Im so glad I found her!! She will help you with your problems like no other psychic. I highly recommend her. 

Schenectady, NY  |  Aileen

Posted on : 11/18/2018

When I talk to her, she gave me all my answers and she didn’t even ask for money and she will help you with no cost.

Newport News, VA  |  Taniikka

Posted on : 10/15/2018

Hi i love her i would definitely recommend her she is cery honest and very kind i was really lost and she really helped me thank you so much 

Arlington Heights, IL  |  Melany

Posted on : 06/01/2018

so thankful I cam across her. I think everyone should pay her a visit. She will help you with all your problems. 

Mission Viejo, CA  |  Samantha

Posted on : 03/27/2018

i like her advice and reading. she was right about my love life. i feel like she is taking me very seriously and appreciate her vision and attention. do not hesitate to contact Addison, she will make ur day 🙂